A Few Aspects To Keep An Eye Out For When Working With Window Or House Cleaners

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Throughout the pandemic, there were many changes taking place, with regular updates and changes concerning the Coronavirus, which made the Government unsure about their approach or how they would protect their people. Whenever the number of people with the Coronavirus increased, the country made changes and implemented a national lockdown to bring the numbers in check.

People had to stay indoors for the most part and were not planning on leaving their house. Companies and businesses who would usually have their staff coming to the office had to shut their doors until the authorities lifted restrictions. The only places still running through lockdowns were essential services that were necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, like grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals, among a few others.

Additionally, when it came to working jobs like window cleaning, they had to be coordinated in person, and most people were not open to meeting others in person. A majority of the population was planning on waiting out the pandemic and meeting people once things were better. For the most part, the changes implemented because of the pandemic made our work quite challenging, and we were unsure how to get through. Eventually, they raised the restrictions, and people started heading to their offices in small numbers. With offices closed for the longest time, now that people were coming in, they had to clean everything up.

These are some of the services that they needed to handle when they were getting through the process. 

1. Window cleaning
Cleaning windows was quite challenging, especially for office buildings with high walls and massive windows within them. Additionally, companies had to make sure they worked with teams open to the changes taking place, including getting tested, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Most companies started working post-work hours, so they were cleaning offices when others were not around, which reduced their exposure to people when getting the job done. Companies working on cleaning households were following similar rules, and they would clean the house by having the family out or on a different floor, depending on their preference.

2. Housekeeping
With the Coronavirus spreading as fast as it was, there were challenges that people had to get through, and one of them was keeping a house clean. In the past, most house cleaning services would clean homes during the day because the people living there would be at work. There were changes to the process with most people working from home, which forced them to find timings that matched their requirements. Additionally, the house needed a lot more looking into with everyone spending more time there, and they were making changes to their homes.

3. Janitorial services
While janitorial services were more of office services, with many people beginning working from home, people started using their services at home. Furthermore, once the authorities began raising restrictions, with offices still closed for some time, people were meeting at each other’s houses to collaborate better. Additionally, people had to make sure that they were following the necessary protocols to prevent catching the virus themselves.

4. Gutter cleaning
People can clean most of their house themselves, but there are challenges that they have to overcome when they are working on cleaning their gutters because of the height and the placement that needs a specific skill. In some cases, they would need a ladder and other equipment to get through to make sure that they went through a proper cleaning job. If the house gutters are not cleaned well, they can clog, leading to leaks later during the rains or when snow begins melting.

5. Office cleaning
Cleaning up the office can be quite challenging because most of the companies handling the process have to follow a series of new rules to make sure they get through. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning the office, review what the team handling the changes does. Some cleaning companies also work on minor maintenance requirements and fix small damages. Getting a team that does that can be positive.

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